20+ Years Experience

Transmission Depot is the most reputable and experienced transmission repair shop in Toronto, proven by decades of reliable work.

Knowledgeable Staff

We are proud to employ the highest-calibre transmission repair specialists in transmission service in all of Toronto.

Customer-First Service

Since the day we opened, we have put our customers first. Our mission is to make every customer happy with their car transmission.

Our Guarantee To You

Since 1996, Transmisson Depot has been servicing the Toronto and surrounding areas from its 126 Tycos Drive location.

Transmission Depot is dedicated to providing high quality repair service to all makes and models at a fair and just price. We offer expert recomendations and explain which services are nessesary to maintain the vehicle in safe working order and which are for preventative maintenance. We use only the highest quality products which meet or exceed the original equipment on your car/truck.

All of our products come with a 20,000km or 1 year warranty and full written guarantee.

Transmission Depot is independently, owned and operated and has no affiliation to the other Transmission Depot brands in the market.

  • I would like to thank Len and Paul at Transmission Depot for fixing my Honda Odyssey 2001 transmission problem. Len and Paul are very professional, from the start to finish and very honest, I had a problem starting my van a few months later because of my batterie and Len and Paul so honest with me checked my batterie and said you have no problem with the batterie its only your contacts dirty so they cleaned them up for me at no charge and I was on the road again WOW it is nice to know there is still honest people in this world, I am a very satisfied customer I recommend Transmission Depot to anyone with car problem, Thanks to everyone at Transmission Depot, Joe Carn

  • Hello , are you envious of your friends who say , ” Oh I know a mechanic really well and I get total honesty and amazing prices all the time” ? Well this is how it is at the Transmission Depot. You will be shocked at the level of professionalism, and even more surprised at their Ultimate in customer service. I’ve never seen more curtious and polite service. They fixed my car properly and saved me tonnes of money. What bothers me though ,is that my mechanic that I had been going to for years could not properly diagnose the problem and wanted to charge my three times more , than Transmission Depot did. Sincerely, Thank you Lenn and Staff , You have another repeat customer.

  • Thank you Len, for a job well done, my BMW is working great, and to think I saved more than $3000.00 after being quoted $4500.00 to rebuild my transmission, you were able to repair my transmission for less than a $1000.00. I want to thank you again Len for providing me with excellent advice and service. Carolyn

  • Thank you Len, After six months you finally got your review program going. After spending a great deal of time calling around and going from transmission shop to transmission shop, each time getting more and more confused and still no answer to the problems I was having with my car. I was getting different prices from everyone to fix my car. One place quoted me a very low price, and when I got there it was double what they told me on the phone. Thank you again Len for taking the time on my initial phone call and conversation to explain the various things that could cause my problems. I took my car to Transmission Depot the next day, Len introduced me to Dan, one of thetransmission builders and mechanics, Dan took my car for a road test and checked it out. Afterwards, Len sat down and explained to me the next steps we needed to take to resolve my problems with my car. They took the time to help me understand what was going on with my car. In the end I was quite happy with not only the price but the excellent service I received. It’s being six months now and though I have gone back a couple of times since then for various other issues that I have had with my car which they were able to find, was not transmission related. I would definitely recommendTransmission Depot to all my friends and family. Thank you Len and Dan

  • I have taken the opportunity to inform other people about how Great Transmission Depot is. I have a Ford F-150 year 2004. I had over 300km on it and desperately needed a new transmission or a rebuilt. I was researching a lot of transmission places and obtaining quotes. I was referred to this place by my uncle, he said that Transmission Depot at this location does exception work and for a great price. My experience was better than I could have ever expected. I was speaking with Len, who is a very honest and genuine, knowledgeable man. I found him to be very helpful as I was on a budget restraint, and no time did he refuse to help me, as he was pleased and eager to find a solution and work within my budget. He is really great a giving customer service and providing exceptional results on his products and services. In addition, Transmission Depot did not leave us stranded without a vehicle. They were able to provide me with a special rate, on a rental car, that I could use in the meantime while waiting for the car to be fixed. I thought that it was very considerate of Len and it just goes to show you how they have thought of everything to keep their customers happy. I will always recommend people to go see Len at Transmission Depot to fix their car because I have confidence in there customer service, honest pricing, and reliable workmanship. I have no problems with my new rebuild transmission it runs like it’s brand new. Thank you Transmission Depot and a BIG thanks goes out to LEN!

  • THANK YOU LEN & THE TEAM at Transmission depot is such an AMAZING place to go get your car fixed! My car broke down and I needed to get a new transmission. Unlike most other places, LEN was able to give me an estimation on how much it would cost me before going over to the shop. Without a doubt, he has the BEST PRICES IN TOWN!!! I definitely recommend him to everyone! The team is very knowledgeable about their work, gets the work done promptly, and are incredibly nice people! Thank you so much!!!

  • Thank you Len and team for your help and professional service every step of the way. I was surprised when I told Len about my transmission problems, and he offered to take a look at my car free of charge. I knew I was in trouble when my 2000 Jaguar s-type transmission blew, I had already previously gone to the dealership and another shop to get quotes, and needless to say Lens shop had the best prices. I went ahead with the repair and I was glad to have done so. The service I got was truly above and beyond, and done in a very timely manner. Len and team also did other minor repairs for me at very very competitive prices. And what caught me most off guard was Len told me to come back in a month to see if everything is still fine. They really do stand behind their work. I highly recommend taking your transmission needs to Len and team, or at least you owe it to yourself to have Len give you a second opinion. Thanks again Len

  • I have had a transmission rebuild before at a different transmission shop and was burned before. I knew I needed a transmission shop based on how my transmission wasn’t working. I found Transmission Depot online and based on the reviews I decided I will check them out. I met Len for the first time and he was very understanding and helpful. Len and the Team at Transmission depot were able to source out the problem and got it fixed properly the first time, days faster, and cheaper than my previous experience with a different shop. They have the full capabilities to complete any job not just transmissions. I was really impressed that they said for me to come back in a month so that they check it over and make sure that the seals are good and that I was satisfied. I had never experienced service like that before and was very impressed. I would highly recommend if you need service to your vehicle go to Transmission Depot. THANK YOU ALL

  • After taking my Range Rover to a local mechanic to get my transmission replaced, I was devastated by the fact that they not only stole the two head-rest and mats from my vehicle, but also my DVD players without completing any work on the transmission. I was recommended to Transmission Depot where I met Len. His honesty, integrity and aptitude reassured me that they were capable of doing an excellent job. They rebuilt the transmission and I was extremely pleased with the level of expertise and the tremendous work they did on my vehicle. They are not only reliable and efficient, but they are well knowledgeable in the trade. Their professionalism is one to be admired and I would recommend them to anyone.

  • If you’re looking for professional and reliable mechanics, I would definitely recommend taking your vehicles to Transmission Depot. Dan and Len not only took the time to explain the engine problems I was having, but guided me step by step in what was needed in order to get my car up and running again. I will definitely go back to Transmission Depot, I don’t think you can get friendly customer service with honest pricing and reliable workmanship anywhere else. Thanks again Dan and Len!!! I always leave 110% satisfied

  • I was fortunate to stumble upon Transmission Depot via Google and took a chance based on their reviews – I’m happy I did. I felt sick as I knew it was the transmission that was going to need repairs and from the moment I called Len he was helpful, honest and straightforward. They were able to take a look at my Jeep Grand Cherokee right away and Len went out of his way to provide the best value at a fair price. I felt Len went above what most mechanics would and I really appreciated that. He even followed up to see how the car was running. I would recommend Transmission Depot to anyone based on their level of service, integrity and professionalism. Thanks again!!!

  • Well I have to start by thanking Len and Dan. I brought my Mazda 3 5 speed into the shop thinking the worst , new transmission. I was having issues gears 1-5 and reverse going in smoothly. After a road test Dan made the recommendation that it is a simple fix. The guys at Transmission Depot changed my fluid to a synthetic and had me back on the road within a hour and the car drives and shifts like a new car. They will be my go to shop for any car related issues moving forward. Thanks again Transmission Depot

Transmission Depot provides reliable, trustworthy, friendly and quality service

Our primary prerogative is to ensure that every single person seeking transmission repair in Toronto is taken care with friendly service, a great price and a smile. We run our business on integrity and are continually re-educating our team on product knowledge, excellence in customer service and exceptional mechanical and technical skills. Transmission Depot is provides clients with an unparalleled transmission service in all of Toronto. Our transmission repair shop is distinct because we take time with every single vehicle before offering recommendations and provide as much detail and information to our clients as they desire. We are renowned for the following offerings to our valuable clients:

Transmission Repair

Transmission Depot is the top recommended Toronto transmission repair shop. We pride ourselves on expert opinions, exceptional customer service and expert transmission repair. Toronto customers have been coming to us with their automotive transmission questions for over two decades. We treat each client like family and treat their automotive transmission as though it were in our own vehicle. When your transmission creates a grinding sound, or when your vehicle feels slippery on the roads, it is time to come and visit our Toronto transmission repair shop to bring new life back into your vehicle (and prevent long-term damage). To learn more about any of our automotive services – from transmission repair to driveline services – for both foreign and domestic vehicles, please contact us today to get a free estimate on any job. Transmission Depot has a spotless customer satisfaction rating, you can trust us to do a great job!

Complete Driveline Services

The proper functioning of the driveline of your vehicle is composed of the driveshaft, differentials, joints and axles. Though a complex mechanical process, each of these different parts function in unison to safely and effectively steer your vehicle. When your driveline is malfunctioning, you will feel a stickiness in steering and this usually indicates that there is some form of structural damage, rusting, tear and rupture. When you bring your car into Transmission Depot, our team will identify the symptoms before prescribing and resolving the problem. After this, our team may balance your driveline shaft, and repair specific components that are damaged. Within no time, you will leave our Toronto transmission repair shop with a structurally sound vehicle in hand. We are looking forward to hearing from you and helping you and your car feel like new again. Stop by our shop to get an expert opinion and trust us to find the most reliable and cost effective solution!

Scanning and Diagnosis

While some vehicle issues can be obvious, like automatic transmission and manual transmission malfunction, others can be much harder to identify. That is why our team uses the most advanced technology to perform reliable car diagnostic testing. This diagnostic testing runs through an highly regarded computer system that connects the vehicles computer processor, microchips, sensors and can easily and quickly isolate any prevailing issues with the exhaust, automatic transmission, manual transmission, oil tank and other systems. These tests are renowned in the automotive industry for providing a reliable and dependable diagnosis on your vehicle. Consider this taking your car to the doctors! The value of this testing is priceless – as it bypasses the time and costs of full inspection meaning that you and your family can return to your normal everyday life immediately. You can trust our certified technicians and mechanics at Transmission Depot with all of your automotive needs.