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The proper functionality of the transmission in your vehicle is the absolutely pivotal to its overall performance and ultimately, your safety. Our team of experts at Transmission Depot know this, and, therefore, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to ensuring that your vehicle is operating just like new after each visit you make to our transmission repair shop in Toronto.

Transmission Depot was founded in 1996 right here in Toronto, and has been specializing in foreign and domestic transmissions ever since. For over two decades, we have been bringing old cars back to life and bringing smiles to the faces of vehicle owners with reliable and quality service provision. We treat every customer just like family and know the importance of good customer service in the industry of transmission repair in Toronto. If you are worried or stressed out about transmission repair, our Toronto team of knowledgeable, professional and reliable mechanics will bring you peace of mind. When you visit our Toronto transmission repair shop, our mechanics will immediately block off the required time to explore and identify your transmission problems. We then clearly explain your transmission issues and present step by step solutions to get it back in order. If there is an issue, we will complete a reliable computer diagnostic to determine whether the problem is in the control system, in a particular electrical component, in a sensor or with the transmission fluid itself. It is through this process, alongside honest pricing, friendly customer service and reliable workmanship, that keeps customers coming back to Transmission Depot in Toronto. Our transmission repair shop has experience, product knowledge, honesty and integrity. Call us or visit us today for a free estimate and to schedule your first appointment.